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Full Version: Help with these plugins!
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Hello everyone! I know how to complement MyDownloads achievement and Vip Membership? Thank you!
Sorry but I do not understand Confused
Please, try to explain what you want to do.
English by Google!
Sorry me be wrong ... I'm asking is if there is no way that through the plugin vips VIP Membership can only download from the download section in this case with the plugin My Downloads!

Español by AlanB Tongue
Lo siento me exprese mal... lo que pregunto es si hay forma de que mediante el plugin VIP Membership solo los vips puedan descargar de la seccion descargas en este caso con el plugin My Downloads!

Soy de Argentina y no se mucho de ingles...
Pff debiste haber leido mi firma, yo soy de chile, mucho gusto

Nervo What AlanB Means is that you could make that certain Download Sections (via mydownloads) were only for Vip membership plugin members
integrate that plugin to mydownloads? Smile
Oh, well why don't you place those users in a certain user group?
MyDownloads allows you to set who can view categories (by usergroup) so you can choose that only that user group can view those categories.

(google translation)
Oh, bueno, ¿por qué no se colocan los usuarios de un determinado grupo de usuarios?
MyDownloads le permite establecer quién puede ver las categorías (por grupo de usuarios) para que pueda elegir de que sólo el grupo de usuarios pueden ver esas categorías.