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Full Version: Error with installation
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Hi Community.

I have a question in terms of the installation of Newpoints.

I upload the "Upload" Folder to my Server.

But now not all is good - please look to the attachment

What shall I modify at the Server, therewith all is right ?

Sorry for my bad english, but im german :p

Thank you very much.
I hope you can help me :p

Which NewPoints plugins do you have installed?
Just the NewPoints 1.2.
But I want to install the Shop Plugin afterwards.

//E: But I have Bank and Hello World but they were istalled Big Grin
I don't get you.
Which NewPoints plugins ARE installed? Bank and Hello World?
Yes just Bank and Hello World
Well, uninstall the Hello World and check if it fixes it
I can't uninstall Hello World ;b
What happens when you do it?
I can't do it, I just can activate it or deactivate.
Deactivate it then lol
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