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Full Version: Host to post.
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I am thinking of doing a host to post option on my board.
Now i was wondering if it would be hard to have some sort of control over this?
Like lets say the requirement is 20 posts a week. Then if the user does not meet the min posts an announcement or PM is delivered to them reminding them of this and perhaps one to admin as well?
Something that would be easy to make or not?
This is something I won't do for sure (if not custom/private). I can make you a custom/private plugin, however I can't make a plugin that would be used only by you and release it here.
Yep private would be fine mate. I will send you a pm when i get back from work and chat.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Okay Smile
PM sent mate.
However i feel this plugin could be used for the community.
Imagine for a second you have a specific group, lets say VIP and a requirement of VIP is to keep up a level of posting.
Well a plugin like this could control that?
Either way i would love to get this and like i said i have pm'd you regarding a private build however i feel it was worth mentioning that it could have other uses if made to suit many variables.