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Full Version: Shop problem
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Version of N.P: 1.1

Installing the shop:
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1074 - Column length too big for column 'icon' (max = 255); use BLOB or TEXT instead
CREATE TABLE `mybb_newpoints_shop_categories` ( `cid` bigint(30) UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment, `name` varchar(100) NOT NULL default '', `description` TEXT NOT NULL default '', `visible` smallint(1) NOT NULL default '1', `icon` varchar(300) NOT NULL default '', `usergroups` varchar(100) NOT NULL default '', `disporder` int(5) NOT NULL default '0', `items` int(10) NOT NULL default '0', `expanded` smallint(1) NOT NULL default '1', PRIMARY KEY (`cid`) ) TYPE=MyISAM

The plugin results active refreshing the page.

When i click the shop tab (in the forum and even in the admin cp):
SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'my_habboceanforum.mybb_newpoints_shop_categories' doesn't exist
SELECT * FROM mybb_newpoints_shop_categories ORDER BY disporder ASC

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Btw if u need the link of the board, just tell me
Read the first page of the release thread Smile
and change varchar(300) to varchar(255) in the code Smile
in the code of the shop plugin?
Anyway I read the first page... so? What exactly do I have 2 read?
Yes in the code of the shop plugin.
You have to read the first page to do a few edits to fix a few errors.
1.1 will fix those errors and the rest of the bugs
But i can wait even the release of Shop 1.2 right?
Changed the varchar in mybb_newpoints_shop_categories but it doesn't work! Maybe i have to change the varchar of the other table ?
What's the error now?
fixed changing the other varchar