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Full Version: Major problem
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My server recently got extremely messed up and when I finally got everything back online I get this message.

Can't find file: 'mybb_newpoints_log' (errno: 2)

I tried to repair it, it fails. I tried to uninstall and of course it won't uninstall because it can't find the database to uninstall. Could someone help me get this solved?

Hmm it shouldn't be a file, it's a table in the database. What kind of database are you using?
mysql. I know it's not a file. I can't repair the table.
Hmm it should still uninstall correctly, did you try to do it?
yes, I did. It just gave me the same error and didn't uninstall. :\ Perhaps this latest update today will fix the table?
I don't think so, you broke it. Not sure how you can fix it now. When you go to Acp-> Plugins does it show up as uninstalled or installed?
It shows up as installed. Well, I am sure I can fix it if there is no easy way around. :p I can manually uninstall it then re-install it with the new updated plugin in place. Plus I can take a backup of the points every user has so they don't lose anything. It will just take a little more work.

Thanks anyways
So, when you click uninstall, that error shows up?

Can you delete that table from PHPMyAdmin manually?
Hmmm... I figured I could. It's not wanting to get away. It is saying " #1347 - 'cah.mybb_newpoints_log' is not VIEW"
Hmm when is it saying that?
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