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Full Version: [VideoTutorial] How to install and manage NewPoints
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Hi there,
I made this tutorial that will explain:

How to//
  • Install NewPoints 1.1
  • Manage the plugin
  • How to install plugins on NewPoints
  • How to install Shop 1.1 (NewPoints plugin)
  • How to manage Shop 1.1
  • How to add (with a link to another video) the NewPoints link in the header

Watch the video here.

I don't know the tag for youtube vids in Mybb-plugins, so if Pirata Nervo can add the embed here it will be useful.

Thank you for the time that you spent reading this thread.

See you soon

- Trinit
Great, thanks Smile
cool tutorial video thanks!
You're welcome Big Grin
It sure helps alot! thanks!
thanks a lot
Thanks for the video.
Thank You for the video! It was very helpful. This is a great plugin!