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Full Version: How can i Integrate the forums into the site?
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Hello there, is there a way to include the forums in the website? I know how to create login fields and how to include the last topics in the site but i don't know how to implement the board into the site graphic.
I want that the site and the forum are a singular thing.

Thanks in advance.
Well, you'll need to use the same HTML, the CSS, the same images and (if you have it) the same JavaScript Smile Just like I did here and at CW
No i mean put the forum in the site
Hmmm, I have no idea what you're talking about then, could you give me an example please?
I saw it once on a Mybb developer site..

But i don't remember his name so i created a gif only to let u understand what i mean..
this is my site now..
this is my site after...
[Image: 2i6pea8.png]

Obviously if there's a method to do it i will change the site theme XD
There isn't a way. You would just have to make a theme on the forum to match the site's theme.
Oh well thank you
Did you try an iframe?
I was writing that i did it with an iframe, changing the template of the forum and leaving only the forums

[Image: feqduc.png]
Looks good to me
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