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Full Version: NewPoints 1.3 + Shop 1.1 Italian Language
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[Image: 5z35zs.gif]

Here you can get the translation of NewPoints 1.3 in Italian language.
The file is hosted in the servers displayed below.

Download link of NewPoints 1.3 in Italian
Download link of Shop 1.1 in Italian

[Image: 5.gif][Image: 1.gif]
[Image: 7.gif][Image: 9.gif]
[Image: 6.gif][Image: 4.gif]
[Image: 10.gif][Image: 11.gif]
Didn't know about that website, thanks for posting the translation btw Smile
No problem =)
Shop 1.0 Italian Language:
Thanks for sharing Smile
btw i've already have it the spanish version, but i won't release it, bcuz i want to upload 1.2 Stable version translation Sad
Sure, I might release 1.2 tomorrow but no Shop 1.1
D'oh! This means that i have to translate it again ? XD Or the language file is the same?
I can't remember but you can easily use a file comparer tool (there online tools that do it) and check if anything's changed
Thank you!
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