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Full Version: MyBB MSSQL2005 Member table import Support?
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Hello ^^
I have a Free Online Music game since some weeks (my lastest project)
i noticed that there are some "community" tabs in the game inside it
that allows me to redirect to other sites

So i wish to integrate a MYBB forum inside the game

I was Wondering if it's a way to import database member table and move it into mybb so users will not have to register twice,

also.. a cronological task that checks for new users and import them every x hours...

i know this will be so hard... but i really want to keep using mybb
i love it

Sad other wise i will have to use weird systems like toast or minibb
and i don't want T_T!
No, it's not possible to do that in any kind of easy way.
Only manually
forget it then
already installing Toast...

Does Toast allow you to keep both databases with the same users?
yeah, let you import and make a process that takes new users from game and put them in forums
but Toast it's so ugly and uncomfortable, also it's written in asp and the worst...

you must buy a license.....
otherwise it's fully of spam ads and limitations....
sadly game system works in 640x480...and make a simple forum within that size it's impossible...
Can I see the website please?
(02-05-2010, 05:15 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Can I see the website please?
i removed toast beacuse free version sucks

here is the website anyway...
now i am trying to install zeroboard (a korean ultra lite and simple bbs system) <.<
lol would be easier to force your members to register