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Full Version: [Beta Testing] New Plugin
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I'd like to know if there's anyone interested in beta testing a plugin I'm coding.
It's one of the biggest plugins ever made for MyBB and I need at least 10 beta testers.
I'm half way done already so I want to start gathering beta testers before I'm done.

Beta testers must be paid subscribers.

Thank you,
Pirata Nervo
I'm ready to help with beta testing. I'm beta tester for MyBBSource and I've been beta tester for several online games so I already know some stuff about testing. I'm also an paid subscriber Smile
I will also beta test it.
I'm ready (and my crew from too!) for testing Big Grin
Thanks, I'll contact you once I've got the beta ready. I hope have it done by next weekend but not sure as it's really big
I arrived back to my city and home
Count me in =)
So massive then? Smile
count me in Smile
Sign me up! I'm willing to be a beta tester Smile
Thanks guys, just waiting for some more now Smile
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