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Full Version: Warning can limit user ability
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well.. lately i banned so many user that abuse our forum..
sad that finally i lost active member because of it.

then i found this idea, hope that no one made it yet.

the idea is:
- we give warn to user that abuse our forum
- the warn can take effect for the user with:
a. limiting user ability to access some forum/subforum
b. limiting user ability to receive PM or send PM
c. limiting user ability to change avatar, signature, or custom usertitle
d. clear user cookies for certain time. so it will annoy such user. they need to re-login again and again.
- we can arrange the limitation, example: 20% warn will limit the ability to change avatar, 50% will limit the ability to access some forum/subforum
- include the warn expiry.. example: warn valid thru 3 weeks, etc..

this is good solution rather than ban your member.
i hope this is a good idea and you can make it.. many member will thankfull for this.

Thanks Nervo, hope to hear good news from you Smile
just wanna up, so Nervo can read it :p
I won't make this but doesn't MyBB have the disallow posting feature already?
Wow, shocked when read your reply. I think you got my point.
Well, it's all up to you, Sir. Smile

Maybe i should learn php more harder to make it by myself.
Well I can't say yes to everything. Most of the things users request are either impossible to do without core edits or not useful at all or come with MyBB by default. Anyway I can't work on anything else for now as I'm busy with a big plugin
I quite understand, Sir.

Good luck with your project! Smile