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Full Version: NewPoints plugin for Game Section RC3
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As far as I remember, it is buggy so I wouldn't recommend you to use it on MyBB 1.6 and wait for a fixed and compatible version (no ETA)
Alright, I will wait then. I will definitely subscribe once it has been released. =D
The 1.6 version will be available for free when it's ready.
why i can download this attach?
(11-29-2010, 12:05 PM)radis Wrote: [ -> ]why i can download this attach?

I'm sorry?

it's paid Plugin..
it's working with MyBB 1.6 and NewPoints 1.8?
It should but it's buggy if I recall correctly. You should not use 1.4 plugins from here on 1.6, I didn't update them on purpose
Can't wait for the update.
Sorry for necroposting
but i've reinstalled this and works so far so good Smile

no bugs!
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