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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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You must re-install.
comment edited sorry
I want to sell attachment.. how to do this?
I've installed Shop 1.7 but the Shop section in the Admin Panel doesn't show up. Mainly the link labeled Shop in the NewPoints admin section just isnt there.
The newpoints.php shows the shop but it is empty and I can't "make" items without the section.

I did not seem to get any errors during installation. I reinstalled just to make sure but no changes.
ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions -> NewPoints -> Shop Smile
Any reason why this defaults to no for the only admin on the site?
For security reasons all permissions should default to No, otherwise it could be exploited.
I keep getting download uncessful when i press the links...
Hi first of all would like to say thankyou for the awesome mod.

How would I add an item that when bought will let you Fill out a form which will send a ticket (similar to a support ticket) that only staff and the sender can see and also make a duplicate thread of the ticket in a public forum. If this is possible please reply on how I could go about doing this.

Also the ability to not use the Item straight after they have bought it and use at a later date.

That is not possible sorry.