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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Only 1.1 has that feature
So we can't do nothing?
Okay thanks
is 1.1 available for download? is there a beta release?
No, it's still on my desktop. There are about 2 bugs that need to be fixed but I haven't found time to fix them
O...ok can't wait for it's release!
Updated to 1.1.
Fixes several bugs and adds the following features:
* Items on postbit
* PM items - see first post for more info.

The "Items on postbit" was not tested too deeply so please report any bugs if you may find.
See readme.html to know how to upgrade.

You require NewPoints 1.3 to use all features of Shop 1.1. I'll release NewPoints 1.3 in a bit
Thank you! Finally items on postbit Big Grin
Does it work fine on your board? Worked fine on a live board and localhost for me