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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Where do I upload everything if I'm using MyBB 1.6.11 I uploaded it to that specific spot because when I just uploaded the upload folder regularly, it didn't recognize it at all.
You must upload the contents of the Upload folder to the root of your MyBB installation. Simply drag and drop the contents of the upload folder, there's nothing hard about it. Either that or upload each file, individually to its right destination.
Alright, I deleted the old files and uploaded them exactly as they are. Now the "Shop" is gone from the plugins list though, so I can't install or activate or anything.
Just read the readme file...go to ACP -> NewPoints -> Plugins. If NewPoints tab is not present, go to ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions -> Edit your user
I don't see the Tab, and when I got to the Admin permissions, there isn't an option for anything that says newpoints, and everything is turned on for me.
Make sure you upload the contents of your admin folder to your admin folder.
How I can make items on 2 or more lines? I bought 10 items (24x24) and I want to split it on new lines every 5items.
The only 2 folders I see that upload straight to the main directory (not including sub-files) is inc and images, I'm using version 1.7.
You should see 3 folders : admin, images, inc
Can somebody send me the admin folder, I've download the 1.7 shop multiple times and I've never seen an admin folder.