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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Which MyBB version do you have installed?
I have MyBB v 1.6.9 installed.
PHP Code:

Replace with: (empty)
I'm sorry, I know absolutely nothing about PHP, which file would I replace that, class_form.php line 664-666?

**EDIT: I found what you told me to find in the newpoints_shop.php file and replaced what was mentioned with empty space (deleted them) and it seems to be working.

If this was not what you had intended me to do please tell me.

If so, thank you for the time and help.
That was it, sorry for not mentioning the file!
How to add the ability to use the plugin in the HTML? I want to describe objects using HTML. Help please!
It's answered a couple times on the forums, invisible, but you just edit the shop PHP file and change these:

To enable it in descriptions in the shop, replace both instances of
$item['description'] = htmlspecialchars_uni($item['description']);
$item['description'] = $item['description'];
To enable HTML for the descriptions in a member's inventory replace
'allow_html' => 0,
'allow_html' => 1,

Just be aware that it's a security risk if someone gains access to your admin CP because they'd be able to input malicious coding into items.
Does it work to make some cool usage of these items? other than just for showing?

I wanna make an item that makes the currency rate go double. And that this item will expire after 24 hours.
So during this time the member will get double the amount of currency.

Possible to fix this?
That is not possible, these are virtual items. They have no value, it's up to you to decide what value they have.
Is it possible to change URL Params for this plugin?