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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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@Xronize these are virtual items.
@MaxLionhart You can't do that.
Thanx yet another cool plugin installed and works a treat
I need help in installing and configuring plugin.
I am new to mybb.
Please help.
Please read the readme file.
Thanks for this great plugin, well done! But there is one important question to me: how can I connect the search.php with the shop items / search items in general? For example: three categories including 20+ items and the user just want to search for the name / description. I'm running

MyBB v1.6.10
NewPoints v1.9.8
NewPoints Shop v1.7
You cannot do that.
How do I create items & Categories in in the New Points Shop?
(I have the shop plugin- installed)
ACP -> NewPoints -> Shop
I don't understand is this a bug but when I tried to click to the Send or Sell button in MyItems it'll show up no permission page.
Is the item send-able ? And did you activate "sending items" in the settings?