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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Could you please tell me why my items aren't showing up in the inventory list?
(03-03-2010, 08:14 PM)CrazyFace Wrote: [ -> ]Could you please tell me why my items aren't showing up in the inventory list?

I have no idea, can't help you that much with that amount of information
I wanted to see if I can add/remove items from users using the database. This is what it looks like for one user:
a: = total items?
i: = ?
s: = ?

please tell me what these mean, which ones are the item ids so I can modify things from back end...

edit, I think I got the hang of this: a:#: is total amount of items user has, i:#; is the sequence so each item a user has is assigned a unique number?, s:#: I'm not sure but the part that follows it "#"; is the item id...?
No, that's a serialized array.
Can't know which number means what by looking at it since I don't know anything about the items.
You'll need to unserialize them to find out.

Use that to unserialize. The returned array is:
array (
  0 => '1',
  1 => '1',
  2 => '2',
  3 => '2',
  4 => '3',
The user has bought two items whose ID 1, two items whose ID is 2 and one item whose ID is 3
can we sell a part of text in a thread by this plugin?
i mean a user hide part of his post and after payment by others , that part show and the paid money goes to seller account
if this plugin has not this ability is it hard to write ?
i really need this ability
No, this is a shop plugin
How can i show the items in the postbit? or in the signature?
for postbit, i think it is already default settings.. but for the signature, i don't know about it Smile
I don't see them in the postbit