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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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@fedidaido, you can still use the plugin, can't you? That is a issue that depends on your PHP installation, IIRC.
how to add discount when certain VIP and donator usergroup purchase items from shop?i mean like this,10% discount for donator and 25% for vip when purchasing any items
You can create a group rule and set the item rate to 0.8 (80%) for example.
what does it mean by Income Rate.? i want to set like this. 2K/day
So what exactly do you want? A discount or a payment per day??
both. 2k/day and discount 10%
Then you need to configure both rates on group rules.
I set like this

Income Rate*
Enter the income rate for the selected group. Default is 1

Points to pay
Points paid to this group each X seconds (number seconds are set in the option below).

How often this group is paid
Number of seconds between each payment to all users whose primary group is this one.
14400<--- every 4 hours

Items Rate
Items prices are multiplied by this number. Default is 1
The last one must be "0.9" (without quotes) if discounting 10% is what you want.
are u sure sama34 but Pirata said "You can create a group rule and set the item rate to 0.8 (80%) for example".so if 10% is 0.1