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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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No, this is a shop with virtual items. That's all.
Thanks didnt even notice that.
Shop 1.7 is now available.

Admins can now edit users' inventories and they can also set a limit of purchases per user for a certain item.
Only issue I can find with this is administrators with FTP access to the configuration file turning the hide_admin_links settings to 1.

Also, just tested it quickly but for some reason the text doesn't show up (probably the language file is not up-to-date, IDK).
Yes but still, the link can be placed anywhere else. I just put it there because it's an admin option.

And yes, make sure your lang file is up to date.
The 1.7 language file was not packed with the previous 1.7 ZIP, therefore I've replaced the 1.7 ZIP with a new one.
Thank you Glas
cant get shop working beacause myplaza is not compatible with mybb 1.6.9
ah ok sorry got it