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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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How do i delete an item ...
like if the user bought something which was not re-sell-able and now the user wants to get rid of it how do i do this .... ?
Or if the moderator/Admin wants to remove it ....

Sorry for the bad English ..... its not my first language.
It is not possible to remove items. You can ask the user to send you the item though.
i will not do that on my profile!
no itmse
[Image: 21897698571337825454.png]
I'm sorry but I do not understand.
I activated the plugin, but the profile does not
Please check if the variable was added to newpoints_postbit template.
No variable?

What is variable?
Try {$newpoints_shop}
Hi, I downloaded this and there is no shop option in the newpoints menu after installation. How do I fix this?