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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Thank you so much i love it
How do i add items? I've been playing around for a bit with 1.6 and i cant find how to add items into categories.
ACP -> NewPoints -> Shop -> Add Category -> Click Category name -> Add Item
Great Plugin Pirata! How do i remove the 'Items' showing up on posts underneath the postcount? Like which template do i edit and what do i remove?

Edit the 'postbit' template
this would be nice to buy a thread access for some limited time like few hours / day / week / month / 3 months etc
it does not work for me, I activated it but nothing show ip Please help
My shop has been broken!
What can you do?
[Image: 13496151751.png]
Upload the language files to your language directory.
Omen, but when I install the correct language
Nothing is not!
[Image: 13497669991.png]

[Image: 13497669992.png]