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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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What's the problem? I'm sorry but I'm not understanding.
That's the problem. Where's the "Shop"?
[Image: 6834784987_a9336895b4_m.jpg]
Good question, I can't read Polish so I have no idea if it's there or not Sad
Oh, sorry. Shop it's in polish - Sklep. Pluginy - Plugins Ustawienia - Options Logi - Logs Konserwacja - ? Statystyki - Stats, Aktualizacje - Upgrades. And I don't know why there isn't shop :/
Did you upload the shop language files to your polish directory?
Yes. I do this.
Try going to Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions -> NewPoints and make sure you're allowed to use the Shop.
You're right - i don't have permissions to do that. Thanks.
So I have installed the plugin and I have installed it correctly,
and I have started on adding items for the shop,

but the problem is or what I dont understand is,
you can only buy or sell an item withouht any specific command.

Like I buy a premium membership and nothing happens.
These are virtual items, nothing's supposed to happen...