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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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You cannot be following them correctly and yes I am 100% sure.
Good Evening, I have the following problem:

as shown in the image is not shown in the words admin,
why can not register any product, I'm using
Shop to version 1.5.


I already did upload the language files that come, but I have a doubt
use the forum in Portuguese of Brazil, as I do? I should make English the same folder? or I have to change something in the source code to locate the folder Portuguese of Brazil, in the case of error not made ​​any changes and upload this ierarquia respecting the folders normally, that is, it installed in the English language.
Faz o upload dos ficheiros de linguagem para a pasta português ou português-brasil, não sei qual o nome da pasta.
Updated to 1.6, fixes four issues.
1.9.6 works great! Thanks Pirata Nervo!
I actually just found a little bug. Whenever someone purchases a item, it doesn't show up in the recent purchases box.
Do they show up in the ACP log though?
(01-23-2012, 01:45 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Do they show up in the ACP log though?

Yes, it is showing in the logs.
Ok then I think I know where's the bug, thanks.
I'm not sure if this error has been reported yet or not. Anywhere here I go.
User who has discount on items (via group rules) cannot purchase an item from the shop unless he/she has the amount of points that he would need without discount taking place. However if the user has the amount of points that the item originally costs, his/her points get deduced with the discount taking place.


User has 100 points and gets 50% discount on all items sold in the shop. Item in the shop costs 100 points (50% discount already calculated in), but the user can't purchase the item unless he has the amount of points that item costs originally (which is 200 in this case). User manages to get 200 points and purchases the item and he gets deduced for 100 points (which is correct).
Probably a bug yes. Looks like I need to test it.