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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Any news/information about it?
Thank you.
No, once there's information you should know, they will be posted.
Thank you
hey Smile what's up

what is the code for watch in my postbit mi items Smile

i find but i not work :S

thank you really this plug in free is awesome!!

the creator is amazing thanks Smile guy
It's not possible to show items in postbit, only on profile
what is show profile?

in the next version is planned show in postbit?

good job! and fast reply
You can view your items in your profile Smile
Yes it will have items in postbit
thanks for your fast reply Smile

what is the code for insert the items in the profile?

oh really nice! Big Grin
i wait the new release Smile

and there release date or have no idea yet?

good job Smile
No release date.
Are you sure it's not showing anything yet? What's your settings regarding the number of items on profile?
in my configuration mi number is 3 i have a 2 items but i not display nothing?

what is the code to the insert in my TEMPLATE/ MEMBER_PRoFILE?

i wait the version fix! and postbit Smile

{$newpoints_profile} - search for it in the member_profile template