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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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Thanks you I had trouble looking for it at first. Now I found it and was able to make my edits. Thanks a lot for your help.
No problem!
Hello again. I was wondering if you can help me remove the menu box of whats in the screenshot. Thanks

You want to remove the menu?
Yes i just want to use the link in the top menu and just go straight to the shop. For what im using the plugin for i don't need the menu. Thanks
You'll need to edit every template which contains the menu, I'm sorry but I can't give you a list. It depends on the plugins and I don't know the list without reading every template.
Thanks anyways. Ill figure it out. Ill let you know how it comes out. Thanks
Okay, I wish you good luck Tongue
[Image: 2699302_83346908_4222686]

hi there Big Grin

i still get this problem with the shop V1.5

i am running

Newspoint 1.9
MyBB 1.6.4
PHP 5.2.17

what i did...

download fresh plugin of the shop.
uploaded and overwrite all
installed plugin and activated...

but still i get the same error..

what do i need to do (ow and i have really low knowledge on php)

thanks in advance
Doesn't look like a valid install to me. Nowhere in the Shop code it tries to access mybb_mybb_shops