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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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well, it's a test item, so it's an admin-only item.
(12-31-2009, 03:12 PM)chorvaqueen Wrote: [ -> ]well, it's a test item, so it's an admin-only item.

Hmm doesn't answer my question
uhm group rules setup? Sorry, I'm lost.
You know what group rules are, don't you? Did you add any?
Is there any instruction for the shop because I cannot find out how it works.
I allready setup a category, but..........
- how to add something?
- how to sell something?
Click the category name in the Admin Cp and then add an item Smile
To sell an item, sell it from your inventory
I don't understand the whole ideay about the shop!!!
In a shop you can buy or sell something.
So I setup three items
- mp3
- video
- photos

So I was waiting for a place where I can add the link to one of this three files but I did not found.
The shop is a virtual shop, virtual items you know? Not real items
Then I place it as request to add a link.
So it is more as a virtual shop.
On my forum there are people who are good in making avatars, or desktop photos.
I thought that is great for the shop, from the beginning I thought that was the meaning of the shop.
Oh no, that's not the point of the shop Smile