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Full Version: [Release] Shop 1.7
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(08-08-2010, 08:52 AM)habs Wrote: [ -> ]well.. i use Shop 1.3 but no image shown Sad

here's my items screenshot:
[Image: 21ee7l.jpg]

and here's my setting on ACP:
[Image: zkpod1.jpg]

@Nervo or Pegasis
How to show image?
try copy that images to forder images/newpoints/ and setting image path images/newpoints/myImage.gif

Change myImage.gif by your Images name
Hey Mr.Pirata ? :o)

Is there a way or the user to actually chose wich icons they want to show in the postbit ?
like if a member has bought 10 icons and i only allow 2 to show on the postbit, can the user chose wich 2 he wants to display ?
because more than 2 icons is just stretching the postbit and it looks kindda strange (Classic Layout)

thank you (and great plugin btw)
I dont get this plugin at all lol. What exactly can we sell on it ? Ive selected the "add item" option but theres no item , what are we selling? This is so confusing. It would make more sense if we could add an attachment to sell (example: add a windows application in a .zip folder) so that the user is actually buying something.

It seem to me that an admin can just add items (that contain nothing) and sell nothing lol. Can someone explain lol
@habs is your issue fixed now?
@Chainsz, that's not possible.
@dunlop03 virtual items, it's not real, it's just for fun - some forums like it.
what i do is sell "VIP Tokens" and they send me the tokens and then I make them VIP for a month or so
(08-10-2010, 03:12 AM)card123 Wrote: [ -> ]what i do is sell "VIP Tokens" and they send me the tokens and then I make them VIP for a month or so

hmmm, you may want to try my VIP Membership plugin
Shop 1.4 is now up, fixes problem with postbit items
cool thank you
you welcome
btw the version on the file still says 1.3 not 1.4 i changed it manually