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Full Version: link removed
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I don't think the owner will ever come on this site so I want to here your opinions about the site I may be able to get the owner to view this thread.
LINK REMOVED You probably know the owner he is a big time mybb fan!
Tell me what you think Smile
Posting threads about other websites to get reviews is not allowed. You're only allowed to make threads about your own websites, not someone else's.
If labrocca wants to post a new thread here, he's allowed to do it, but only him and not someone else.
Thread closed
And... he came on this site if I remember well
(12-13-2009, 09:32 PM)Trinit Wrote: [ -> ]And... he came on this site if I remember well

Who came to this site?
LabroccA i read his presentation
(12-16-2009, 01:05 AM)Trinit Wrote: [ -> ]LabroccA i read his presentation

It was a long time ago at console world and it was in the day I deleted the database accidentally and the last backup I had was from the day before that one. Anyway, not sure what that has to do with this thread. It wasn't posted by labrocca