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Full Version: Auto Delete User
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I think it will be great if we have an automatic system that delete users that not pass the verification process for specific times.

for example i have 120 user that still awaiting verification for over than 2 months, i need to just remove them from database because i want to keep my active members only.

also for user that got permanent banned, maybe it will be good if they're deleted after a specific times too.

just my opinion Shy
Yeah, that would be an awesome plugin. However, maybe its going to be included in MyBB 1.6 Tongue
No it won't be in 1.6.
(11-24-2009, 06:15 PM)JonP Wrote: [ -> ]No it won't be in 1.6.
Then quick! Someone make this plugin! Tongue
Ok, seriously, would be great if someone would make it Wink
Doesn't it exist already?
Something similar, i think.
what's the name of that plugin, Nervo?
I have no idea but I believe there's one that does this
It don't auto delete it like on a task, but you can delete your account by yourself.
yep.. i need auto delete inactive user or user that not yet activate..
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