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Full Version: Social groups / user made ones.
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VB has a plugin like this, so users can make a group they can set who it can be joined by and it shows what groups they are a part of in their profile. And also the groups can upload pictures that only group members can see. I think this would be a sick plugin to make for mybb, but thats just me.

Thoughts, and possibility of you making it.
Another great suggestion from you Wethegreenpeople Big Grin I really think that this kind of plugin would be great and very popular ammong MyBB users, even more popular than point plugins (MyPS, Newpoints...) Big Grin
I guess, that would be an update to the Extended Buddy System plugin
Big Grin Yippee!

xP Sorry but you might know when you'll update it?
I have no idea, I'm having too much work these days
That would really be something!
Okie, no problem when ever you get to it.