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Introducing my site Mixy Media its a media forum you discuss media and what not I have more plans for the feature when I have more members. But despite that, we have been in work of the site greatly. I am planning on getting a custom theme soon. I am using some of the plugins from this site work pretty good so far. Glad you guys have such a variety, since I was banned from mybbcentral this is one of my only sources. So please sign up I am in process of working on the forum everyday, I am on often you need anything just contact me there.
[Image: mixymedia.png]
Sign up to get rid of the ads and to help me out.
Simple but cool, I like the theme really. Nice work!
Thanks glad you like it Wink as I said I will be getting a custom better theme soon.
Changed my theme its pretty bright but matches the name now.
It's way too bright Confused
Its going to have to do until I find a better background.
Way better, it's not bright anymore Tongue
Yes your right Smile glad you like it.
Sign up!!
New domain its now.
Hey with opera it doesn't work o.o
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