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Full Version: Making a NewPoints Buy Subscription plugin
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I've used the "Hello World!" plugin as a base, i've pretty much converted the plugin, now I just need to know a couple of things...

1) How do I get it to add a menu link to the forums toplink that will take it to a "Buy Subscription" page?
2) How do I list all the usergroups so I can select which group the user will go into once he's bought the subscription (Looking at a listbox here)
3) How do I set a time limit for the subscription?
lol i've been trying to do this plugin but go no luck to work it good Tongue maybe P.Nervo can do that one.. Big Grin
maybe we should work together?
do you know how to do it then? if yes, i'll support you.. Big Grin
Not really, I'm learning as I go along, but I've got a pretty good idea
try making one, i'll help you up with some codes Smile if you need.. thanks
my contact details are on my sig image
just start first the plugin, then let me see the structure as you go on.. Smile thank mate..
i've already started it, I've got the following settings set up and ready


just need to figure out how to charge points for the subscription (removing points) and adding them to the new group

think you can help with the point deductions?
yes i can do that.. Smile
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