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Full Version: [Release] Forum Points
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Quote: "name" => "Forum Points Required",
"description" => "Require Newpoints to Access a Forum",
"website" => "",
"author" => "AndrewPH",
"authorsite" => "",

- Requires Newpoints for specific Forum ID and Usergroups.

Upload file in /inc/plugins/ (Reason: Newpoints doesn't support archive function)

Here or @ my Forum ( whenever I'm not online here, just PM me there Tongue )

Free plugin but some limitation to editing and distribution

Thank you
Isn't this what Forum Rules do already?
i don't think so .. lol Tongue but is the thread points (another thread), an okay plugin to be release? Big Grin

since this plugin do action too for lite archive mode.. Tongue
Yes but this one does what Forum Rules do Tongue
lol yeah i see it now.. sorry i don't tried forum rules yet but today i did.. i have to close this thread i think? Tongue lol thank bro..
Closed Smile
another, regarding forum rules, why not add a hook on forumdisplay_end Smile
Fixed Smile