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Full Version: [Release] Thread Points
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Quote: "name" => "Thread Points Required",
"description" => "Required Newpoints to Access/View a Thread",
"website" => "",
"author" => "AndrewPH",
"authorsite" => "",

- Requires Newpoints for specific Thread ID and Usergroups.

Upload file in /inc/plugins/ (Reason: Newpoints doesn't support archive function)

Here or @ my Forum ( whenever I'm not online here, just PM me there Tongue )

Free plugin but some limitation to editing and distribution

Thank you
Sweet, I seriously love newpoints, wish there was a tutorial on how to make plugins for new points
wait.. there's an update for this Smile i found bugs on it.. please redownload after i upload the new one
no problem
New one downloaded, old one deleted
you're so fast mate! lol Smile report to me whenever you found bug on this plugin.. thanks
I will do, oh speaking of plugins, do you have any good tutorials? One's that pretty much cover a lot of aspects of plugin development and that aren't vauge?
you can find it in newpoints 1.0 package Smile
Thanks Andrew Smile
@Punishment.Inc, just follow the hello world plugin that comes with NewPoints Smile
if i remember right, wasn't that just documentation? i'm actually after a tutorial that explains the process of making a plugin etc
Well, both plugins that come with NewPoints (Hello World and Bank) have the structure of a NewPoints plugin and can be easily modified to match your needs. They are commented so you know what each function does. Better than just documentation, but yes it has a development.html file which lists all functions provided by NewPoints that can be used by your plugins
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