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Full Version: [Release] Thread Points
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fair enough, I'm looking at the hello world one now, and seeing if I can change it or anything lol
Ok, if you need help, post here:
next plugin feature:
pay to view thread Tongue
That would be a good one Tongue
(11-14-2009, 10:37 PM)Andrew Wrote: [ -> ]next plugin feature:
pay to view thread Tongue

So the way it is now, someone needs xx # of points in their account for *access*, but they are not paying anything, is that correct?

yes you dont need to pay.. just do collect required points just like post count Big Grin
Umm im using Google SEO how do i find out the threat id's?
That will be harder, place the mouse over the New Reply button and you'll see the tid=THREADID in the URL
will this be the new id im posting or will it be the catagory?
It is the ID of the current thread
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