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Full Version: Newpoints Error
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I installed everything correctly and I activated everything besides the hello world plugin, I didn't because it said it was useless. Anyways, the points system didn't show up at all, like it was never installed. So I tried uninstalling and got an error saying it can't delete a Newpoints SQL entry. So I did it myself, and deleted all the SQL entries with Newpoints, and now when I try to view a post or the plugins page on Admin CP I get:

SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'a2586707_mybb.mybb_newpoints_forumrules' doesn't exist
SELECT * FROM mybb_newpoints_forumrules WHERE fid='2'

How do I fix this?
Hi welcome to the forum Smile

MYPS is not related to Newpoints, and can't be causing the (current) problem.
The activated plugin is looking for the db tables which don't exist, since you deleted them. Tongue
The easy way is to see if Newpoints will uninstall (from your admin panel), and then just re-install again. Hopefully that will work.
He seems to be trying to convert MyPS to NewPoints.
You need NewPoints installed before converting MyPS data
I meant to say Newpoitnts not MyPS.
Do a fresh installation of NewPoints please
Quote:now when I try to view a post or the plugins page on Admin CP
I think it's impossible.

EDIT: I gotta reinstall MyBB again, the 3rd time, look
1st. The website which is hosting you sucks
2nd. I get an error page from your hoster
Can you recommend a good host? I want to buy good hosting, but I don't know any good hosts.
It really depends on what you want.
Small webhosts whose administrators are members of the MyBB community:
- - Zash
- exdiogene

I know both administrators. The administrator/owner of the 2nd one ( has a great knowledge of programming, servers, robotics, networks, etc. I don't know about the 1st one, but he's a nice person.

I am hosted on but for you, I think a small webhost is more than enough.
There is also an new site for MyBB hosting called Anzey and its runed by Alexandru21 from MyBBSource Wink
You can try it out here: Wink
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