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Full Version: [Spanish/Espanol] Quick PM Reply
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1. guardar como quickreplypm.php
2. insertar en (/inc/languages/espanol/quickreplypm.php)

*  Quick Reply PM plugin (/inc/languages/english/quickreplypm.php)
*  Author: Pirata Nervo
*  Copyright: © 2009-2010 Pirata Nervo
*   Traduccion al español por Glas ( ([email protected])
*  Website:
*  License: license.txt
*  Adds a quick reply to private messages.

* You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
* You MUST NOT give credits (for this plugin. Paretje deserves ALL credits for the game section, it's an amazing plugin) to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
* You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
* The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.
* By downloading/installing this plugin you agree with the conditions stated above.

$l['quickreplypm'] = "Respuesta Rapida";
$l['quickreplypm_message'] = 'Mensaje';
$l['message_note'] = 'Nota:';
$l['quickreplypm_send_message'] = 'Enviar mensaje';

Thanks for posting and thanks for taking your time to translate my plugins Smile