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Hmmm I own penhacks (duh) xP and me and my members would really love a section where they can submit game hints and cheats and stuff. So if there is a game you just add your cheat and then it shows up on that cheat page, and if that game isn't up yet the members can make it. And on the main page it would say the newest added cheats then A, B, C, D and they click there to see all the cheats in alphabetical order. And this doesn't only have to be for cheats... can be for, song lyrics, cheats/hints, website links I guess.

What you think?
I would also need a part from this plugin, i have all PS3 games listed on my forum with each their own threads and a alphabetical order setting for certain forum sections would really be appreciated.
Hmm seems good idea and could be used for:
* lyrics (each album is a category)
* cheats per game (each game is a category)
* games per platform (each platform is a category)
and probably other things I can't remember Tongue
The problem is I have no idea how to make the display "something" (lyrics, cheats, games) page suitable for all these things
HAHA LOL, just make it like. mypage XP

But do you like my idea, and is it possible that you are going to make it?
if that can help, mybbsource have a memberlist sorter.. wich is pretty usefull
maybe there's a way for you (God of Plugins) to modify this.. here is the link
Modifying plugins and make them paid is not the point of this website and it's way easier to make a plugin from scratch rather than modifying an existing plugin. Each developer has its own logic and way of coding.
I might make a plugin called MyPage and allow pages to be seperated within categories
Hmmm Not alphabetically? Well its kewl with me as long as it's done before my subscription is up LMFAO
Pages should be sorted alphabetically in ascending order

If you do do it, how long would it take? Just so I can tell my members we might be adding that in that period of time.
I'm trying to finish a custom plugin that vnet21 has asked me to do. If I find some free time I'll try to finish the converter for MyPlaza Turbo inventory items to NewPoints Shop items and then I might start this plugin.
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