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Full Version: Wow for MyPanel
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That's a very neat idea PN!! I'm loving it! Although it seems to be not fully working yet, the concept is really clever! Big Grin

Looks like someone noticed it Tongue
I've been working on it the past few days.
It's based off MyBB's Admin CP (the sessions only).
The rest was made by me. It's not fully working yet, but will be soon Smile

For those interested in MyPanel, if you're a subscriber, there's a link at the top of the page (top right corner, right after the subscribe link).
It's a panel for subscribers only.
Wow, neat idea, I just noticed that. Smile
Its great idea and nicely done already, can't wait for it to be fully working Smile
It's coming along nicely Tongue
it's nice
just that <.<
awesome! just like plugin checker module Big Grin
=] yeah, I totally agree

keep up good work!
Hmmm Sorry for bumping an old thread... but what was this!?
It's been disabled. I'll enable it again once I improve some of its areas. It was a panel to keep track of installed plugins, updates, etc
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