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Full Version: MyPlaza shop won't display item information
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I had posted this before, and I had an account before, but I'm assuming the recent server issues reset that. anyway, once again-

When I click on the item in the shop nothing appears in the item-info area, nor does the 'buy' button show up. I can still get this to appear by clicking through in the statistics page, but clicking through won't work despite the items showing as links.

Any ideas/suggestions?
Yes, and I did all of that.

But I don't understand how that would be relevant here, besides... All that seems to show are links to the plaza page. Unless there was something in that link to console world (which now seems to be dead).

EDIT: Oh, geez. ^^; lot to be said for reading over skimming! I'd forgotten the java add-in in the headerinclude file. Thanks a lot, and I love the script.
Okay, I'm glad it works now Smile