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i thought i would see what you lot think (im considering a redesign)

A Post2Host with a Difference!

Host-Crunch is all about uniqueness, for example the management are very much community people, friendly and fun, but we all know our stuff and can provide a high class grade of support without being over professional! now i know it seems every man and his dog has a hosting company these days. some of em are resellers, some of em are oversold, some of em don't even have support or use nulled billing scripts and don't permit warez Tongue some of em have an uptime of under 90%!! sucks don't it!
We don't do none of that! We are hosted on a dedicated server(transfer in progress by the way), we have forum, ticket(almost done) and soon live support! not to mention a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%!! (currently at 100% yay) theres a wiki on the way, not to mention one of the most full featured forums around! I'm gonna tie this in with my development project(watch this space), design service and a few other things! packages are gonna be beefed up to include RoR, RVskins(on request cause i hate it personally) more space and more bandwidth! not to mention resellers(maybe even master resellers not sure yet), we also have a script installer(softaculous) and if you go paid, you get a free basic web design and script installation such as a forum, blog or CMS bundled in! oh did i mention cPanel/WHM? and support requests guaranteed to be answered within 2 hours! we have near enough 24 hour support as the management is based worldwide.

sooo, what do you think? i might actually take what i just wrote and put that on my index Tongue
This is what I see:
This Account Has Been Suspended
lol, 8 days of data loss :p do you know somewhere i could get a decent custom theme on the cheap PN?
What do you mea by cheap? Less than what?
well, im just looking to save money, but i would cap at about $30
Talk to combus Smile
I Will, he does good work Big Grin
Yeap, he's pretty good Tongue
I did Big Grin he's quoted me under $20 and a week delivery date Big Grin on a side note

I got 500TB space on my host and under $20 Big Grin