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Full Version: [REQ] Minimum Post to view forum
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I need minimum post to view forum/thread plugin..

1. Block user from accessing selected forum if they have no enough posts
2. Block user from accessing selected thread if the have no enough posts

1. In ACP > Configuration > Settings, admin can set which usergroup can bypass this limitation.
2. In ACP > Forums & Posts > Forum Management > Edit Forum, admin can set how much minimum post for that forum.
3. In New Thread Display, user can add minimum post require to view their thread.

It really usefull to protect some forum from leecher that only have 0 to 1 post. They need to be active in forum to get access to restricted forum.

Thank you so much for your time Shy
ghazal has it before Smile i'll try later if i can Smile
yes he has.. but that's not perfectly works Sad
if we reset the minimum post limit, it won't work, it will stick with previous limit even after you reactivate it back.

do not know what exactly missed with the setting.

tested on my forum and also localhost, same error.
i know it from my member, they cannot enter unrestricted forum just because they have not enough post, but after i check the setting, there's "0" minimum post. (previously set to 15)

I'm more confident if i use the plugin made by this forum.
Thank you for your request
i may try doing a request like this.. maybe soon Smile im kinda busy with real life stuff Tongue