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Full Version: Can't upload attachments.
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Well i downloaded and installed pay to download but now every time i go to upload something i get this error.
Quote:Error Attaching File
The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again. Error details: The attachment could not be found on the server.
What can i do? I have tried uploading a picture, a zip file, and a rar file. Nothing works.
Hmm, pay to download is not related to uploading attachments. If you disable that module, does it work?
Nope Undecided but it was working fine before
Well it's not this plugin then Tongue You did something else
Hmmm I was thinking maybe it left some kind of code that uninstalling didn't get rid of. But yea i will try to fix it. Thanks
Hmm no, the only thing it does is blocking downloads of attachments that you haven't bought and ask you buy them first
Hmm okie then, i will try and remember what i did before that. Thanks for you help
No problem, if you need anything else just ask
Try checking your folder permissions
check file types
check maximum file size
I did all of that, it doesn't help.
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