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Full Version: Points Problem.
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So I have a point system now instaled on my MyBB 1.4.8 / 9 Forum.

But in the profile, he does not show how much money you have as I can make you see how much another user has the money.
What do you mean?
Like not showing points in profile?
E.g. here:
You see the points of the user, but in your forum you don't?
i think that's what he means Smile might be a missing variable on his member profile template Smile
In member_profile template
Replace with:
Ok thank you.

Can you set that one can buy for the money certain matters.

E.g. Vip 1 month for $ 900

dan, and a transaction code and he gets me and I can send him dan vip, or you can make this even somachen wne the vip 1 month buys you one immediately into the vip group comes
I don't understand anything :S

Per thread, posts, etc so you get points.

Can irgentwie one richtne eg the one for those points 1 month to buy Subscribe. And whom you're buying into the group that immediately comes Subscriber?
Just change the income settings.
As for the rest, I still don't understand :S
buy into group plugin is currently under development by P.nervo Smile

Can you give me a link i find it not
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