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Full Version: [REQUEST] PM Quick Reply
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Well, I'm kinda surprised to see there is not request section for subscribers. Tongue
So, please allow me to post my request or suggestion here.

Can you build a plugin that add quick reply in PM section? So instead of clicking "reply", I can just write on-the-fly in the "quick reply" box just under the message. This would be useful not for myself but to many others as well.

i need it too Smile
that's a good idea, me, P.Nervo and other plugin will try to make this request.. not sure enough.. lol thanks Smile
This seems cool and useful for me as well as I usually send about 500 messages per week Tongue And it's faster to just write in the box rather than clicking reply and then writing there.
I'll probably make this right after I release NewPoints 1.1
@jero2006, it will be for paid subscribers only
Cool! Looking forward for it. Smile
Okay, now the section is available, how about Pirata or the mods move this topic to
Moved Smile