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Full Version: Where can I download quicktheme?
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Hi Pinata, could you point me to the "quicktheme" plugin?
I think I saw that plugin somewhere.

who the hell is pinata, it's on the mybb website, in the mods section, just type in "QuickTheme" without the quotes.
Pirata, wrong spelling there.
Yeah, I found that plugin in mod section, just thought there is one here.
would you reply my PM please?
@habs, I believe I already pm you back in consoleworld.
Thanks nyunyu.. Smile
What is QuickTheme?
(11-20-2009, 02:33 PM)iPod15 Wrote: [ -> ]What is QuickTheme?
Its an plugin that allows any user to change theme of the forum. Its usualy used by theme designers to give live preview of the theme Wink
It's a plugin which allows you to switch theme quickly as all themes are listed in a select box at the bottom of each page