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Full Version: Upgraded to MyRPG 1.2.0 Gold, a question
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Okay, I so upgraded to MyRPG 1.2.0 Gold. However, I recieved a MySQL server error, so I had to deactivate and then activate it.

Here is my question:
Will all the purchases that were made in the MyRPG system previously be recounted? (Or will I have to manually reset everyone's items bought count?) Or does MyPlaza automatically update the number of things bought based on which modules are activated?

I hope that makes sense.
no they won,t

at least that's happened to me
So you have to manually make the changes?
The recount process does not count money based on items as that would be an extremely heavy process Smile
Okay. Is there any query I could run on the database that would fix this? Please?
it's a theory i am not sure
but what about uninstalling
then dropping all myrpg tables from sql
then reinstall myrpg? theory, that MIGHT work, but whether it would actually work....I don't know...Pirata?
i think it work
it could be like a new fresh install D:
I don't even understand what you want to do now Tongue
Well, originally I wanted something - like maybe a query to recount the number of items everyone has - is this possible?

Glas suggested totally uninstalling MyRPG, which might then delete all the purchases made by member on MyRPG - which might work, but I would rather run a query...could you make one, Pirata?
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