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Full Version: [Development] Pay Hide
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the only "minus" thing is when someone successfully unhide message, the [hide] tag doesn't dissappear.

it would be better if you remove it after user successfully unhide. Smile
just suggestion..

btw, it work like a charm :p
please add a feature to send the point to the post/thread maker after clik "pay" button :p
lol Smile ill add it up soon for future versions! Smile the script i gave you isn't the final yet.. Big Grin

will you agree if i sell this plugin just for 1$? Tongue

ill try to remove the tag after the message is shown later this week lol.. Smile
it's up to you dude.. Smile
you're the developer.. this is your rights to sell it or not Smile

if you can remove the [hide] after unhide, and send the points to the thread/post maker, i'll pay it even for 5$
Big Grin my problem when selling plugins is that i don't have a verified paypal Tongue

im currently testing the new code which remove the tag Smile

Removing hide tag after hidden message is paid - done!
i can give you legal US paypal for free :p
but you can't withdraw the money.. you can only sell or send the balance Smile

btw, error when quoting the hidden content..

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1062 - Duplicate entry '48880' for key 1
INSERT INTO mybb_newpoints_payhide_threads (`pid`,`uid`,`date`) VALUES ('48880','10','1254413534')

Please contact the MyBB Group for support.
as i said, that script i gave you isn't the final one Tongue its only a teaser! Big Grin
how about remit me a money? lol Big Grin
that's why i gave you a report Smile
what report? Smile
because you said that Pay Hide file not final, that's why i gave you report about an error message that i found..
oh chong.. what happen with you? lol Smile
what do you mean what happen with me? Smile im just here, been ok.. lol Tongue
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