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Full Version: Will MyDownloads be ported to NewPoints?
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I have a question Nervo..
Im planning to move all my Forum Download section (each download in a thread)
to MyDownloads Database....

Will you make MyDownloads compatible and Importable to newpoints system?

i do no want to Recreate all downloads and prices in mydownloads if i change my plaza for mypoints

That ^^
Yes, I'll replace myplaza turbo compatibility with NewPoints, just have to find some free time
can i try porting it? @pirata nervo Smile
No, as I said, paid plugins are up to me to port
oopss. sorry my bad.. Tongue i forget that was a paid plugin.. sorry again sir! Smile
(09-23-2009, 11:52 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]No, as I said, paid plugins are up to me to port

i lol'd

I had a new idea
bit crazy
but i think it could be nice
what about a "lastest" downloads pannel in forum Index?

a plugin that automatically shows lastest 6-8-10(dunno)
image previews or Custom Texts (defined by users)
Something similar is used in this chinese forum

What doyou think?
it would be a new plugin and not be related to newpoints.. Smile
I don't understand anything on that page but looks simple to do. Anyway I don't have much time now, busy with lots of projects
Added to "to-do list" then? :3
No, I still have a lot of things to do and the to do list is full
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